Tuesday, 15 May 2012

St John Passion

The Writtle Singers at St John's, Moulsham

Heralding Holy Week in the most appropriate way possible, the Writtle Singers excelled themselves in this St John at St John's.

The generous Victorian acoustic presented this smallish group, and their soloists, to advantage. The choir filled the space with the impressive opening Chorus, and the closing Chorale "When My Last End Is Come" was sung with heart-rending intensity. They were equally effective as the fickle mob in the dramatic moments of the Passion story ["Let Us Not Divide It"].

Bene't Coldstream was the Evangelist, telling the story with conviction from the pulpit, and other soloists included Kara Florish, whose bright soprano rang true and clear over the softer tones of the flute, Jenny Haxell, who brought impressive depth of feeling to "O Heart Melt In Weeping", and Tom Kennedy, bass, [a lovely "Come Ponder, O My Soul"] who was also a forceful Pilate. Jesus was sung with rich sincerity by Peter Quintrell.

The Passion was accompanied by the Jericho Ensemble, led by Elizabeth Porter, and conducted by Christine Gwynn.
Michael Gray

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