Sunday, 7 January 2007

Christmas 2006

On 10th December Writtle Singers once again performed their Christmas Double Bill . The church was full of children for the first concert, with Writtle Junior School Choir, under the direction of Sophie Richards, performing beautifully. The Singers performed Rutter's Brother Henirich with Trisha Stephens creating a wonderful atmosphere with the narration, despite only standing in at the last minute!

On 12th December the Singers entertained at Hylands House in Chelmsford, performing Christmas carols for a delightful reception. The members of the choir quite reasonably thought that this was their last event of the year but I thought differently!

At lunchtime on Thursday 21st December a chance visit home meant that I picked up an email plea from BBC Essex asking if we could perform at 8.20 the following morning. A few emails and frantic phone calls discovered that no one had much in their diary for 8am on the Friday before Christmas! 18 members turned up on that cold foggy morning and sung 4 carols between 8.20 and 9am.